Surron Awards Confirmed for 2024 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout; One rider will win a Surron Light Bee motorcycle

Surron riders that compete in the ECR eMoto (electric motorcycle) class at the 2024 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout (TKO) will be eligible to win cash awards and one rider will win a Surron Light Bee motorcycle.

Surron electric motorcycles have proven to be capable of taking on the TKO course with several riders completing the challenge over the past two years. To encourage more riders to take on the difficult course in 2024, Surron will recognize all finishers riding their popular Light Bee, Ultra Bee and Storm Bee motorcycles with a custom medallion, and the top finisher riding each model will earn $500. And one of those official finishers will win a Surron Light Bee motorcycle via a drawing.

To be eligible for the “stock Surron” awards, the riders will need to compete on Surron motorcycles using the stock frame, swingarm, forks, shock, motor, battery, controller and other electronic control units. The stock fork and shock internal parts can be modified but must retain the standard travel. Riders are also allowed to utilize aftermarket tires, wheels, handlebars, grips, levers and footpegs.

The goal is to encourage riders to compete on cost effective, mostly stock Surron motorcycles. All Surron riders competing on bikes that are eligible for the “stock Surron” classes that finish the Saturday race one course within the 2.5-hour time limit will be entered to win a Surron Light Bee motorcycle via a random drawing at the conclusion of the Saturday racing.

One additional Surron rider riding a modified bike will also be eligible for a $500 award. The overall top finishing Surron rider utilizing the stock frame, swingarm and maintaining the similar look of one of the stock Surron models will earn the award. For this “modified Surron” award, riders will be allowed to use aftermarket or modified suspension, battery and controller components in addition to aftermarket tires, wheels, handlebars, grips, levers and footpegs.

Riders can enter the eMoto class and will be verified for eligibility for the “stock Surron” Light Bee, Ultra Bee and Storm Bee classes during a technical inspection prior to the Friday hot lap.

You can learn more about the Surron motorcycle line at the Surron US website or @surronusa_official on Instagram.

The ECR eMoto AMA Grand Championship will include three rounds of racing, starting with a hot lap on Friday to set the Saturday morning starting order. On Saturday morning, the eMoto riders will compete in a qualification race. Up to the top fifteen riders that complete the course in two and a half hours will qualify to compete in the Sunday championship race, which will utilize the tougher pro course.

The ECR eMoto class will be separate from the other classes and unlike the 2023 event, the ECR eMoto riders will not be eligible to qualify for the pro class knockout rounds.

The ECR eMoto class is an open format that will allow electric motorcycles of all power levels with a minimum rear wheel size of 16 inches. The “stock Surron” classes will race among the other eMoto riders but be separately recognized for results and awards. Trials style motorcycles (but no Trials tires) are allowed for the eMoto class. Riders of all skill levels that are 16 years of age and older will be eligible to enter the ECR eMoto class.

The 2024 TKO will serve as round five of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship and the seventh and final round of the AMA US Hard Enduro Championship. So the top international riders such as Mani Lettenbichler, Mario Roman, Wade Young and Teodor Kabakchiev will take on the top North American riders including Trystan Hart, Cody Webb, Ryder LeBlond and Will Riordan. Lettenbichler has dominated the FIM Hard Enduro championship for the past two years, but Hart has managed to beat him at the last two TKO events, so we can expect an epic battle for TKO supremacy between those two.

In addition to the top pro riders, up to five hundred amateur riders will take on the TKO course aiming for the AMA Grand Championship titles and class wins. The top thirty amateur riders will also earn the opportunity to compete with the world’s best riders during the Sunday pro racing. The ECR eMoto (electric motorcycle) class will also be back for the third year aiming for an AMA Grand Championship.

The free electric motorcycle demo rides, sponsored by Surron, will be back again in 2024 and open to anybody that wants to give one of the bikes from multiple brands, including Surron and Electric Motion a test ride.

To kick off the weekend, the top sixteen pro riders will compete in a head-to-head prologue on a man-made straight rhythm inspired enduro course in downtown Nashville on Thursday, August 22nd. The 2024 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout will again be a three-day format with a Hot-Lap on Friday to set amateur racer starting positions followed by two rounds of amateur racing on Saturday. The pro riders will kick off their weekend with a Hot-Lap on Saturday afternoon and a three round Knock Out format on Sunday. The multiple rounds of racing and course layout provide a full weekend of exciting, spectator-friendly racing.

Riders can enter the 2024 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout here.