Prequalified pro riders invited for 2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout

Trystan Hart leads the list of prequalified riders for 2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout. The 2022 winner will take on the top US and International riders in a run for his third TKO win.

The 2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout will take place at the Trials Training Center on August 18-20, 2023, and the world’s top off-road riders are prequalified for the four-round Sunday racing.

FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Trystan Hart, winner of the 2022 TKO, tops the list ahead of 2022 runner-up and former winner Mani Lettenbichler. Sherco’s Mario Roman, a multi-time TKO podium finisher is also near the top of the list along with Husqvarna’s Billy Bolt, the 2021 TKO winner. Six-time TKO winner Cody Webb and Ryder LeBlond, the 2022 AMA Hard Enduro championship runner up are the top American riders expected to contend the podium spots.

The top 35 finishers from the 2022 TKO earned a prequalification invitation along with top finishers in major US and international off-road races and race series. Past TKO main event qualifiers also earn an invitation. A total of 127 riders have earned a spot on the Sunday prequalified list.

2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout Prequalified Sunday Riders

⦁ Trystan Hart
⦁ Manuel Lettenbichler
⦁ Mario Roman
⦁ Billy Bolt
⦁ Wade Young
⦁ Ryder LeBlond
⦁ Cody Webb
⦁ Jonny Walker
⦁ Graham Jarvis
⦁ Teodor Kabakchiev
⦁ Pat Smage
⦁ Jordan Ashburn
⦁ Alfredo Gomez
⦁ Keith Curtis
⦁ Colton Haaker
⦁ Logan Bolopue
⦁ Cory Graffunder
⦁ Tim Apolle
⦁ David Garza
⦁ David Knight
⦁ Taddy Blazusiak
⦁ Dominik Olszowy
⦁ David Cyprian
⦁ Michael Walkner
⦁ Quinn Wentzel
⦁ James Flynn
⦁ Branden Petrie
⦁ Nick Fahringer
⦁ Casey Satterfield
⦁ Chris Satterfield
⦁ Marc Fernandez Serra
⦁ Adam Hartnagel
⦁ Cooper Abbott
⦁ Suff Sella
⦁ Mitch Carvolth
⦁ Will Riordan
⦁ Danny Lewis
⦁ Ricky Russell
⦁ Matthew Green
⦁ Steward Baylor
⦁ Spenser Wilton
⦁ Jackson Davis
⦁ Josh Staley
⦁ Ronald Vena
⦁ Gauge Logan-Key
⦁ Jean-Derek Cote
⦁ Tobin Miller
⦁ Drew Kirby
⦁ Jarrett Mohn
⦁ Joe Nemeth
⦁ Dustin McCarthy
⦁ Dante Olivera
⦁ Austin Walton
⦁ Craig DeLong
⦁ Dalton Shirey
⦁ Tyler Lynn
⦁ Grant Baylor
⦁ Cole Martinez
⦁ Josh Toth
⦁ Dare DeMartile
⦁ Max Gerston
⦁ Blake Gutzeit
⦁ Ty Cullins
⦁ Ryder Lafferty
⦁ Joseph Wasson
⦁ Nick Thompson
⦁ Zane Roberts
⦁ Justin Hoeft
⦁ Diogo Vieira
⦁ Moret Francesc
⦁ Ben Kelley
⦁ Corbin Mcpherson
⦁ Trevor Stewart
⦁ Josh Roper
⦁ William Hoare
⦁ Lyndon Snodgrass
⦁ Jacob Argubright
⦁ Daniel Blanc-Gonnet
⦁ Eddie Karlsson
⦁ Cody Miller
⦁ Norbert Zsigovits
⦁ Trevor Bollinger
⦁ Clayton Roberts
⦁ Alexander Myers
⦁ Sonny Goggia
⦁ Taylor Robert
⦁ Evan Smith
⦁ Alexander Niederer
⦁ Gus Riordan
⦁ Brody Honea
⦁ Jonathan Johnson
⦁ Giacomo Redondi
⦁ Travis Damon
⦁ Will Myers
⦁ Giorgi Gakheladze
⦁ Ruy Barbosa
⦁ Preston Campbell
⦁ Benjamin Nelko
⦁ Tallon LaFountaine
⦁ Matt Maple
⦁ Samuel Fastle
⦁ Mirko Fabera
⦁ Mark Fortner
⦁ George Kowalski
⦁ Ramon Bregoli
⦁ Liam Draper
⦁ Maiki Dorrejo Trejo
⦁ Benjamin Herrera Ried
⦁ Wally Palmer
⦁ Chuck DeLullo
⦁ Alex Bedley
⦁ Russell Bobbitt
⦁ Ty Tremaine
⦁ Dustin Gibson
⦁ Mike Brown
⦁ Kyle Flanigan
⦁ Brody Johnson
⦁ Karl Davis Jr.
⦁ Jordan Scott
⦁ Anthony Johnson
⦁ Jake Stapleton
⦁ Noah Kepple
⦁ Josh Strang
⦁ Ryan Sipes
⦁ Daryoush Ghorbani
⦁ Thorn Devlin
⦁ Travis Teasdale

Up to 500 additional riders can sign up for the amateur racing that will take place on Friday and Saturday to aim for AMA Grand Championship number one plates.

The Saturday program will include two rounds of racing and will serve as the AMA Extreme Off-Road Grand Championship for Amateur riders. The overall Amateur winner will be awarded the AMA Extreme Off-Road Grand Championship number one plate. Classes will be available for amateur A, B, C, Women Pro, Women Amateur, Vet 40+, Vet 45+, Youth and eMoto. The top 50 amateur finishers from the 2022 TKO will earn a spot directly into Saturday round two. Amateur riders will also be able to earn spots directly into round two via several AMA Hard Enduro regional championship events. Riders that do not qualify via one of the AMA regional events can sign up for one of 500 open spots that will compete in a morning qualifying race that can earn a spot in the championship final on Saturday. The top 30 finishers from Saturday will be invited to Sunday’s expert program.

The racing format will be like past years with a Prologue on Friday to set amateur racer starting positions followed by two rounds of amateur racing on Saturday and a multi round Sunday competition for the pro riders, which will include the top thirty finishers from Saturday. The ECR eMoto electric motorcycle class that was a huge success in 2022 will be back and a few other exciting ideas are being developed.

Amateur riders are encouraged to enter the TKO before March 31, when the entry fee will increase. Riders can enter here.

A separate link will be sent directly to the pre-qualified Amateur and Pro riders.