Pre-Qualified Riders for 2018 KENDA Tennessee Knockout; Top riders from major off-road events earn free entry to Sunday Knockout Rounds

The 2017 Kenda Tennessee Knockout podium included American Cody Webb, the UK’s Graham Jarvis and Spain’s Mario Roman. Who will take the podium in 2018?

The eighth annual KENDA AMA Tennessee Knockout, presented by Moose Racing and SRT will take place on August 18 – 19, 2018 at the Trials Training Center. The TKO has attracted some of the top off-road racers from around the world making it one of the premier off-road motorcycle races in the US. American Cody Webb has dominated the race despite tough competition from the likes of Graham Jarvis, Mario Ramon, Wade Young and Jonny Walker in recent years.

Webb will be back on his FMF KTM Factory Racing machine ready to take on all challengers again in 2018. We are not sure yet which of top international riders will be back to try to knock off Webb but they have all been extended an invitation along with the top US off-road racers. They will again be gunning for a $10,000 purse.

The KENDA AMA Tennessee Knockout uses a unique four-round Knockout race format that is challenging for the riders and entertaining for the fans. The amazing Trials Training Center, in Sequatchie, Tennessee, allows for easy access to the race action.

The top five finishers at the previous TKO events have included riders from EnduroCross, World Extreme Enduro, Trials, National Enduro, GNCC, WORCS and even the Enduro World Championship. So, it is a great mix of backgrounds facing off on an extremely challenging course with a large purse on the line.

Pre-qualified riders get a free entry into the Sunday program. These riders earn an invite based top results in several major US or International off-road motorcycle race events. Top-25 finishers from the prior year also earn a spot on the Sunday invite list. On Saturday, those riders that did not already earn an invite can challenge themselves on the course with the top finishers earning their own invite to the Sunday Knockout rounds. And new for 2018, Saturday will serve as the AMA Amateur Grand Championship for Extreme Enduro.

The following riders have earned invites directly into the Sunday competition for the 2018 KENDA AMA Tennessee Knockout:

⦁ Cody Webb
⦁ Graham Jarvis
⦁ Mario Roman
⦁ Cory Graffunder
⦁ Colton Haaker
⦁ Noah Kepple
⦁ Max Gerston
⦁ Quinn Wentzel
⦁ Mitch Carvolth
⦁ Jordan Ashburn
⦁ Trystan Hart
⦁ Ben Kelly
⦁ Alfredo Gomez
⦁ Ty Tremaine
⦁ Thad DuVall
⦁ Kyle Redmond
⦁ Steward Baylor
⦁ Wally Palmer
⦁ Grayson Gonsalves
⦁ Kealoha Estrella
⦁ Manuel Lettenbichler
⦁ Gary Sutherlin
⦁ Joan Pau Segura
⦁ Josh Rooken-Smith
⦁ Jonny Walker
⦁ Grant Baylor
⦁ Paul Bolton
⦁ Cooper Abbott
⦁ Wade Young
⦁ George Kowalski
⦁ Travis Teasdale
⦁ Geoff Aaron
⦁ Chris Satterfield
⦁ Taylor Robert
⦁ Russell Bobbitt
⦁ Ty Cullins
⦁ Ronnie Commo
⦁ Kailub Russell
⦁ Mason Ottersberg
⦁ Billy Bolt
⦁ Casey Satterfield
⦁ Pat Smage
⦁ Axel Pearson
⦁ Ricky Russell
⦁ Marc Freixa
⦁ Eric Rhoten
⦁ Jarrett Mohn
⦁ Josh Toth
⦁ Jacob Argubright
⦁ Justin Seeds
⦁ Andrew Putt
⦁ Drew Kirby
⦁ Nick Burson
⦁ Cory Buttrick
⦁ Zach Bell
⦁ Bryan Roper
⦁ Pascal Rauchenecker
⦁ Spencer Wilton
⦁ Jesse Groemm
⦁ Bruce Javellana
⦁ Ricky Brabec
⦁ Trevor Bollinger
⦁ Alexander Niederer
⦁ David Knight
⦁ Cody Miller
⦁ Will Presson
⦁ Craig DeLong
⦁ Brett Swanepoel
⦁ Justin Morgan
⦁ Evan Smith
⦁ Trevor Stewart
⦁ Daniel Blanc-Gonnet
⦁ Mike Brown
⦁ Tyler Kinkade
⦁ Layne Michael
⦁ Tanner McCoy
⦁ Lars Enockl
⦁ Ryan Smith
⦁ Thorn Devlin
⦁ Eric Yorba
⦁ Travis Damon
⦁ Josh Strang
⦁ Samuel Fastle
⦁ Eloi Salsench
⦁ Mark Heresco
⦁ Michael Witkowski
⦁ Blake Gutzeit
⦁ Philipp Scholz
⦁ Tyler Lynn
⦁ Taddy Blazusiak
⦁ Hiroshi Takahashi
⦁ Nick Fahringer
⦁ Daniel Milner
⦁ Destry Abbott
⦁ Ian Blyth
⦁ Chuck Delullo
⦁ Chance Baker
⦁ David Cyprian
⦁ Nic Garvin
⦁ Michael Del Fante
⦁ Ryan Sipes
⦁ Karl Davis Jr.
⦁ Rannar Uusna
⦁ Hunter Williams
⦁ Nick Klapec