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Spectator passes and on-site camping reservations can now be purchased online for the 2020 TKO

Want to avoid long admission lines at the gate to spectate at the 2020 TKO? You can now purchase spectator passes online. Details on our Spectators page.

Want to make sure you get a campsite (tent or RV) on-site? You can now make reservations online. Details on our Camping On-site page.

We’re using Eventbrite for both TKO spectator passes and TKO on-site camping reservations.

Spectator info updated for 2018 TKO

2018 TKO – information for spectators

  • The spectator fee is $15 per person, per day (Saturday/Sunday=$30.00 per person)
  • Camper site (non-hookup) is $15.00 per campsite per night, limit 2 cars to a campsite ($30 for weekend =Friday night and Saturday night)
  • Tent camping is $15.00 per night, 1 vehicle per tent site ($30 for weekend = Friday night and Saturday night). If you arrive prior to Friday, the camping fee is still $15.00 per night, additional
  • You will pay your camping AND spectator fees at the gate

See the 2018 TKO flier with weekend schedule (PDF)