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2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout Full Weekend Video Recap; Friday to Sunday at the Trials Training Center

The thirteenth annual Red Bull Tennessee Knockout included three days of Hard Enduro racing action, starting with the amateur Hot-Lap on Friday and wrapping up with three rounds of pro racing on Sunday.

Nearly 500 racers took on the 2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout and Canada’s Trystan Hart topped the field after three days of racing. The FMF KTM racer topped the UK’s Billy Bolt and Germany’s Mani Lettenbichler. Photo by Brandon Krause.

Nearly 500 riders took on the 2023 edition at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee, and it was Canada’s Trystan Hart that stood on top of the podium on Sunday afternoon. The FMF KTM rider was joined by the UK’s Billy Bolt and Germany’s Mani Lettenbichler. Jonny Walker and Cody Webb rounded out the top five to make it four different countries and four different motorcycle manufacturers represented in the top five.

Check out the full weekend recap video:

2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout Main Event Results

  1. Trystan Hart, KTM, Canada
  2. Billy Bolt, Husqvarna, Great Britain
  3. Manuel Lettenbichler, KTM, Germany
  4. Jonny Walker, Beta, Great Britain
  5. Cody Webb, Sherco, USA
  6. Ryder LeBlond, Husqvarna, USA
  7. Will Riordan, KTM, Australia
  8. Alfredo Gomez, Rieju, Spain
  9. Jordan Ashburn, Husqvarna, USA
  10. Pat Smage, Sherco, USA
  11. Matthew Green, KTM, South Africa
  12. Colton Haaker, Husqvarna, USA
  13. Logan Bolopue, Sherco, USA
  14. James Flynn, GasGas, USA
  15. Quinn Wentzel, Rieju, USA
  16. Tim Apolle, Beta, Germany
  17. Daniel Lewis, Beta, USA
  18. Gauge Logan-Key, GasGas, USA
  19. David Knight, KTM, Great Britain
  20. Mason George, Rieju, USA

2023 Red Bull Tennessee, Knockout eMoto Final Results

  1. Spenser Wilton, Electric Motion
  2. Joseph Van Roekel, KTM
  3. Bridger Greenman, KTM
  4. Nathan Bilbrey, Surron
  5. Brett Baldwin, Surron
  6. Jesse Ziegler, Surron

2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout Overall Amateur Results

  1. Kamakana Waiwaiole-Kahalepuna, GasGas
  2. Mason George, Rieju
  3. Maverik Thaxton, KTM
  4. Dylan Santoro, KTM
  5. Hayden Mosa, Rieju
  6. Huck Jenkins, KTM
  7. Carter Bouwens, KTM
  8. Devin Stephenson, Sherco
  9. Jared Kuehnhold, Husqvarna
  10. Wil Loyd, KTM

2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout Women’s Pro Class Results

  1. Kirsten Landman, KTM
  2. Rachel Gutish, GasGas
  3. Nikki Russell, Husqvarna
  4. Hallie Marks, Sherco

Detailed results for all 2023 classes can be found here.

Keep an eye on MAVtv for two shows featuring the 2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout. The network will have one show featuring the Straight Rhythm Prologue event that took place on Saturday afternoon and a second show featuring the Sunday pro TKO racing.